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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire

Can't believe I'm still playing this MMO! Anyone who'd played it knows how skewed the gameplay of this money grabbing title is: the more you spend (buying items that beef up your base or guild) the more you will, of course, succeed (play-to-win). And if you don't, you are always the losers -- and who likes to be a permanent loser, right? Though I somehow (perhaps naively) believe that you can still win if you play smart! Admittedly, I have spent some (decent) money on the game ...if only to make the grind easier (the extra resources always a bonus too) but I am also constantly finding ways to strengthen my base so at least I won't get OHKOed by ferocious and unbeatable enemies (who had paid through the roof to be, well, unbeatable).

Defence, defence, defence. I've learnt that defence in this game is not to be sniffed at. And I think if done right, even a high level player will have problem flattening my base. And there are several ways to strength that defence (as I see it)...

Having a humongous troop base
So my friend calculated that to withstand a solo rally attack (and a rally is limited to three marches), you'd need approx 1 million troops. Currently I have around 200K troop, each has 4-power so I guess my defence if all troops are in the base would be 800K. Plus 11.5K traps. And since an attack can Never send up to 100K troop in a single march (not even in three marches, I don't think), then having as large a troop base as possible would guarantee survival.

Have a buffed up hero
Here is the part of the game that fascinates me most. The hero (Prince Noctis from the main FFXV game) -- and how he is levelled up -- is independent from rss requirement that practically runs through everything else in the game (e.g. levelling up buildings and research). And to level up a hero, you basically just take all the quests (lame but v easy) and kill monsters to get the necessary experience points. Granted, if you pay for packs (and I had), then it makes levelling up even more easy. And with the hero, you can unlock skills + equip him to buff attack/ defence stats and I find this quite crucial. So my current strategy is to level him (instead of my base) up + equipping him with lvl6 gear for max stat boosts, esp in defence. I also decide to focus on Mage power (thematically, I see Noctis as more a mage than warrior or cavalry), which is strong against warriors & siege engines but weak against cavalry. 

I've just levelled up my base so my next task is to up the wall defence as well as research on defence + getting two more pieces of lvl6 equipment ... then I should be able to easily defend myself against players with tier 1 and 2 troops and even 3 troops. 

Tier 4 troops? That's altogether another story ~  

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