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Saturday, October 21, 2017

A bit of a Humdrum

Yeah, it's been a bit a like that (dull) on the gaming front. I'm still playing FFXV: ANE but since I joined a new guild (second most powerful in the realm no less), I've just been training troops sine I have maxed everything single building in research @ Citadel 19. There really is no point moving beyond this point since I am not a big hitter but, most important of all, once passed c19 then you really have to spend $$$ to stay afloat. I've already spent more than I'd like to admit on this game (though definitely not spent 2000 quid or a lot more as some have done!) so am okay sitting on one helluva trap base right now (I have close to 2 million t1 and t2 troops) ... waiting for some n00b to hit me LOL But it is rather dull especially monster hunting is not really exciting at this stage; the drops are just mediocre. 

Meanwhile, have started playing Danganronpa V3 on the PS4 - and felt asleep - so not a good sign. It's probably better to play this on the PS Vita so will see if I can get a physical copy in English. Have also not progressed much with Final Fantasy XV... despite I recently took a couple of weeks off work. Some time I just wanna lie down and do nothing. 

Elsewhere, there has been an interesting (self) discovery - thanks to my "frozen shoulder" - that both sides of my body are extremely tight and they lack mobility. For the longest time I thought the reason why I cannot do a full spinal twist was because of my spine but it turns out it could be my tight hips (oh yes, those again) and shoulders that are preventing me from doing any full body rotation. So have started these physio sessions (ouch!) and the physiotherapist has been addressing both my hips/ glutes as well as my shoulders to lengthen my side body and stopping my body from caving inwards; something that I will pay more attention to during my own yoga practice...     

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