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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Question Hovering Over My Head (2)

Whatever has happened to Kate Bush? As I'm typing this, I am listening to her earlier albums (tapes!!!) The Kick Inside and Never for Ever, which are EXCELLENT. Controversial too. Apparently the title track The Kick Inside is about a young woman leaving her brother a note before she commits suicide (she is ~ gasp ~ bearing his child). I mean, when she penned the song, it was the 1970s and the world then wasn't as open as it is today. To sing about incest?!? A very sad song. Babooshka is another one I like. It's Russian for grandmother but, in this case, it is a headscarf this woman uses to disguise herself in order to seduce her own husband incognito. Interesting: would he fall for her? Would she even want to find out? (check out the choreography for this stunning videio! Army Dreamers is anti-war while Breathing is on abortion. They just don't write this kind of songs anymore. I also find her music quite Chinese/Japanese (Oh To Be In Love) so I guess she was also influenced by the East (check out the cover of her debut album)..

My dad used to play her music when I was a kid - her voice esp. in Them Heavy People - simply stuck in my head FOR YEARS. Much latter, I was "reintroduced" to her music when I was at university. The guy who lived opposite me used to play her music, loud, all the time. Anyway, every now and then I will play her music to remind me what a genius Ms Bush is. Currently I just LOVE the track L'Amour Looks Something Like You. Very beautiful.

Onto other subjects ~ just bought a new Nokia (after I traded in some of my older phones ...) last night and it's fantastic! Just hope I don't get bored with it too soon. Also last night I went out drinking with some colleagues and after a number of vodka and martinis (?) one of us was force-feeding poor Ponyo with beer ... the poor thing ...

Gulp, gulp, gulp ...

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