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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Very Heavy Heart

Twenty-one Hong Kong tourists were held hostage in Manila on Monday (Aug 23) while on their way home. Six were released by the Filippino gunman, an ex-policeman alleged to have been wronged by the authorities, earlier on in the day but the incident ended in bloodshed, leaving eight Hong Kongers dead. This is a total shock to a city where this kind of violence and horror exists only in movies. The public has yet to come to terms with what'd happened. Why was the rescue operation so badly planned/executed? Why the police there so badly trained? Did the Filippino tour bus driver escape or was he a culprit? Were those tourists who died shot by the gunman or by the police? There are still so many questions left hanging in the air ... in the meantime, several families have been completely destroyed by this tragedy: A woman who lost her husband and two daughters while her son is still critical in the ICU, a child who lost his parents and the tour guide, who alerted his company about the hold up, is also dead ...

Life is so unpredictable ... our thoughts go out to all the families and friends of these victims and I hope some of the questions above will be answered by an independent inquiry.

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