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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Great Start to a New Year

Well, great-ish ... I decided to kick off 2011 by going to this hot + yin yang yoga class this morning. The instructor, whom I'd never tried before, has a fantastically positive and enthusiastic attitude and the 75-minute session was exactly what I needed to get my mind focused on this year's intention: to better my yoga practice and, in doing so, myself. The only thing was I kinda forgot I don't fare very well in hot classes mainly because I find the heat complete (energy) draining. Thirty minutes in and my heart starts to race and even lifting up a leg feels like fighting a uphill battle. Also, I thought this morning's class was billed more as a hop-opening - than a core - session so when I was holding plank and then chaturanga for the nth time, I was, well, going "arrrgh".

Begging for mercy, otherwise known
as the frog pose...
Anyway, I did my best not to collapse (but I did, several times) and by the end of the 75 minutes, and after the hip-splitting finale -- frog pose that we had to hold for what seemed like an eternity -- I was Exhausted. So exhausted I skipped my favourite salad and went straight home (drank lots of water along the way, was completely dehydrated too), collapsed onto my bed and was out like a light (for a couple of hours). I only bolted up when I remembered (all of a sudden, as one does) that I was very, very late for a social appointment.

Now though, at 10pm, I'm feeling great and am ready, oh yes, for another hot class (thank God just for an hour) + yoga therapy tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait.    

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