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Saturday, January 22, 2011

This and That (Part 2)

Now that my sun tan has peeled off my nose, my back (and onto the mat ... hope I didn't gross anyone out in the yoga balance class earlier today ... I was, literally, quite flaky) Bali seems like a lifetime away now. What I miss most about the place is the warm climate ... Back in HK, in this cold weather, my body feels positively stiff and tired. I miss being able to move like an oiled machine and I miss the sounds of the wild even more. I didn't actually take that many photos when I was there and these are the last ones I dug up from my camera phone ...

And talk about phones ... I traded in two old ones for one new one ... am still resetting ... 

Actually, I asked fellow Retreater Holly (Hi Holly!) what does it mean to "reset" and she said: "To start with a clean slate."  I like that!!!

Hmm, someone stumbled into this blog after searching for "sore thumb in the morning" ... is that a medical condition? The only reason I get a sore thumb is playing too much PSP (FF Dissidia) ...

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