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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pre-Training Jitters

For someone who thought Gray's Anatomy was a TV Series than a textbook (Grey's Anatomy, however, IS), perhaps I shouldn't be taking a training course on Yoga Anatomy. But I've signed up for one and it's going to start this weekend. And I am feeling a tad nervous about it. Do I know my gluteus maximus from my gluteus medius? With a bit of hope, I won't have to remember all these technical terms (after all, I failed my biology exams spectacularly when I was at school). I just visited the web site of the trainer (Paul Grilley) and it says: "What is most immediately relevant to Hatha Yoga practitioners is 'How does my body move?' or even more precisely 'Why does my body not move the way I want it to?'" Well, these are exactly the questions I want to explore; the more in tune I am with my body -- to be aware of how it feels and sensitive to what it can or cannot do -- the more I want to know how everything works, anatomically -- and that is why I've signed up this course. Tonight at my usual Core class with the Perfect Human Specimen, I became very aware of the inbalance between the left and right side of my body. It appears my left leg is a lot weaker than my right leg, yet my left hip is a lot more loose/less tight than my right hip (weird, huh?!?) Through this course, I hope I can find ways to strike a better balance between the two sides of my body as well as the Yin and the Yang.

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