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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bloodshot Eyes

For most HK families, the first three days of the Chinese New Year are a particular hectic time. There are relatives to see, mahjong to play and lots and lots of turnip cakes to be consumed. Not for me (luckily). Each year my parents cross the border to, err, avoid the relatives/turnip cakes to fully immerse themselves in their mahjong playing, freeing ME up from all the family visits is well. And I'm, frankly, too lazy to visit the few friends I have (which might explain why I actually don't have that many friends).

So today I got up early, feeling gung ho as usual, and  reached out for 1) the alarm/Blackberry, 2) the radio and 3) my PSP. Of course, there HAD to be a bloody glitch in my new Yu-Gi-Oh game -- the "heart meter", which was full when I went to bed last night, was completely drained -- meaning I had to fight zillions of duellists all over again (for those who are not familiar with this game, just say this is a very laborious process). The only saving grace was that, at least, I got to know the game better and I am actually getting quite good at this ***evil laughter*** And before I could say Yu-Gi-Oh, it was time to yoga.

Today, it was all about going upside down (or Inversion). Think my instructor, Mister M, was a bit tired and the structure of the class was a little, well, inverted ... that is, we did headstand/handstand poses BEFORE the Core exercises (I thought it should be the other way round?) Anyway, it was fun all the same because we just kept moving and there is never a dull moment in Mister M's class (oh yes, not all classes are interesting ... I once nodded off in the middle of a triangle pose because the instructor, a very nice girl from Australia, had this extraordinary monotonous voice that just kinda droned in the background ... Zzz) 

Feeling energetic after the 90-min class, I grabbed a wholesome salad for lunch then headed back home to play some more PSP ~ in between watching some movies on my computers (inc. one called 127 Hours and Eat Pray Love, which both coincidentally feature this US actor called James Franco. He's kinda cool but the movies!?? Hmm. I think I prefer watching the Spider-man.)

My eyes are now watery so I think it's time to call it a day. Tomorrow is just another day: instead of gaming between movies, I will be gaming between work ;o)-

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