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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Transformation

... Not mine but that of a fellow yoga practitioner. This guy -- who looks Japanese but is, in fact, Chinese -- and I used to attend the same Core class and we used to team up for partner work. I'd always admired his dedication and determination because he was, physically, quite large and holding the down dog or standing forward fold was quite a challenge  for him. Well, that was about a 18 months ago. Because of his busy work schedule, he stopped going to this Core class and I hadn't seen him around for about six months. So when he showed up tonight, looking more slim and healthy, I was, like, Wow! He has continued to practise all this time ~ and it shows. His handstand is firm and his body upright, and his core is strong. After the class I told him he had definitely lost weight and he said that was probably the result of going to hot classes. "No," I told him, "It's a myth. You are more likely to lose water, not fat in hot classes." Fat you need to burn. However, since he has kept up with his practice, it is probably the regular exercising that is reducing the waistline.

Tonight's class was really a killer but enjoyable as usual (okay, Quite enjoyable ... I did scream out OH MY GOD when the Perfect Human Specimen said we were to do another set of core exercise that almost reduced me to tears... he was only joking ~ BWAH!!! ) Am now working on this pose called Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (left) ... it is a lot harder than it looks ~ Really!!! Trying to keep both legs straight is a real challenge but I think I am getting there; give me maybe another year and I should be able to kick my leg up as high as it's illustrated on the left (I think you need quite a loosen hip/hamstrings to do that). Hmm, I think I am quickly developing an Action Man Envy ...

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