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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Short Break the end of next week!! Have been very busy since end of April so haven't kept up with my regular yoga practice (on average only once a week as opposed to 5-6 times the past couple of months!). Having come down with a lingering cold didn't help, though am definitely on the mend. So I'm planning to practise everyday from next Friday for a week. I attended two classes the other night - my fav teacher Mister M is back from holiday - first Yin Yang, then "Relaxing Stretch class". Perhaps I was still physically weak, they both felt like Power classes (!) Hamstrings and hips have gone extremely tight so it will take awhile to have them stretched again.


Meanwhile, am grinding for points in the Dissidia 012 game. It just gets better and Better !!! I'm such an Otaku ...

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