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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Crooked Spine (Part 2)

Wow, I guess many of you out there are, like me, experiencing spinal issues as my last post is now the most viewed entry of this blog! Well, things are looking slightly better over here as, 10 days and several visits to the chiropractor later, the pain in my left shoulder/neck - especially when I turn my head to the left - that is caused by the "pinched nerve" is gone. However, I still get this (annoying) tingling sensation in the shoulder, all the way down to my fingers, when I lift up my chin up (it is still caused by an imbalance in the spine). The nerve that is "pinched" appears to be around my left shoulder blade and when the chiropractor put pressure on it yesterday, my arm just went completely numb. 

(Image Credit-

So I have now been ordered to do this exercise every morning and night to help stretch/loosen the shoulder area (see illustration A above).

Of course, I have also been extremely careful when practising yoga (oh yes, I'd already returned to the mat ~ TWO long weeks without yoga, are you kidding me?!?) making sure that my neck and shoulders are not strained. I haven't taken any power classes so far ~ just the "gentle flow" classes, which are GREAT (I just love the twisting).

I will, however, return to the more physical practice later next month as I've signed up for an "intensive" Ashtanga Yoga weekend workshop. It says it is for the curious and I sure am curious about this particular yoga system. Memorising the sequence is probably going to put me off but, hey, I cannot really dismiss something without trying it, right?

PS Haven't started the static Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together yet ... have ordered its strategy guide from Amazon (yes, it is THAT complicated a game) but it will not arrive for another TEN long days .... 


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