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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Good Flow

Mister M's "Gentle Flow" class tonight wasn't that gentle but it sure had a lot of flow. Just what I needed. Have been off the mat for a few days and my body was ready for some deep stretches and twists. So we went from Warrior 2 to Reversed Warrior to Triangle to Half Moon; as well as Tiger and Twisted Tiger ... all required twisting the lower trunk of the body in order to open up the chest. It felt Great. I have also discovered this "pose" that I can practise at home: place one straight leg on the back of a chair and rest it there, the standing leg (also fully engaged and straight) is grounded and supporting the body, which I lower down sideways until it is at the same level as the lifted leg, then twist the chest to face the sky. Then hold. Because various parts of the body are being twisted at the same time, I can tense up and then relax. It feels amazing!!!

Oh, I've been invited to give a short talk on my yoga experiences next month, which should be fun. I'm trying to get one of my instructors to join me too because I think it'd be interesting to hear what more seasoned practitioners have to say about their practice.

Have also been invited to a school reunion back in the UK in October ... I ought to go but it may clash with another invitation to New Zealand ... haven't decided what to do yet but will just follow the flow ...

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