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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Crooked Spine

Remember the pinched nerve that I've been suffering from the past few weeks (see earlier posting)? Well, it refuses to go away and, a couple of days ago, I decided to seek help from a chiropractor. An x-ray of my entire spine shows that, like many office workers who spend a great deal of time cranking their neck looking at the computer screen (playing the PSP and reading during their daily commute), the natural curve in my neck (cervical vertebrae) is all but gone (yes, this is very common so no need to go all dramatic). Thanks to my yoga practice though, my thoracic vertebrae appear to be in good shape; that is, there is good spacing between each vertebra. But like my neck, my lumber vertebrae (lower back) also has lost its natural curve (from spending too much sitting down). 

The good news is, after two days of chiropractic treatment, which involves a lot of neck/shoulder "adjustment" (that goes CRACK!), the pain (in left neck/shoulder) and numbness (in the arm and hand) has reduced. The bad news is, in order to stabilise the spine (back in its proper position), I am OFF the mat for TWO long weeks :o( !!! Though I am looking at the yoga therapy sessions, maybe I can go to those?!?

So long, Aya Brea (I will not be able to finish The 3rd Birthday, though thanks to YouTube, I know exactly what you are wearing underneath your combat suit, you little minx *snigger*) and Hello, Tactic Ogre, which is a very static game and playing it doesn't tense my neck up.

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