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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Harry Potter (For A Few Hours)

This is distressing. Now that I'd obtained the final spell that I'd wanted for my Tactics Ogre game -- I replayed most of the Law route just for that -- I really feel I need to move on. So, I bought Harry Potter Years 5-7 (for PSP), hoping that the new purchase'd get me off TO (did I sound like a drug addict just now?) This is the Lego version of the HP titles and, having played its version of the Indiana Jones titles, which was quite fun, I thought I'd give this a go. But no. This game truly is just for kiddies. All you need to do is go around smashing things up and that's about it. Zzzz. So, naturally, I returned to TO and ... before you can say "let us cling together" I am replaying the Chaos route, to recruit the notorious Cressida. The thing is, I can now avoid the "death match" (killing my own troupe) as part of the condition in recruiting this necromancer because there is a way around that in a replay.

So ... it's on with the game!!!

Just returned from my Yin class this evening. Two things: a nerve that runs from my (upper) back (near the right shoulder blade) up to my neck is hurting, and something else down my right leg (nerve? tendon? muscle? Am not sure) is also a bit sore too. I don't think I did anything to injure myself but after I came across this New York Times article on yoga injuries yesterday I'm not taking any chances and am now paying extra attention when practising. Some of the cases cited in this piece is Quite alarming.

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