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Friday, January 6, 2012

Some More Glass Pumpkins

I canNOT believe I'm back farming these bloody glass pumpkins in the Palace of the Dead ~ again!!! This time, it's for those palace guides so I can skip 70+ floors to get a couple of equipment that I'd missed in my last, err, THREE+ runs. Other than that, I just completed my first run of the San Bronsa Ruins, where I got ALL the high-level spells (Heavenly Judge I + II, Satrfall I + II, wow) ... my Rudlum (Lich) is now super strong. But it was when I tested the Gnome II earth spell with Sherri that my jaw dropped. She can now practically wipe out half the map with this spell ... and I cannot WAIT to test it out again against those phantom dragons and golems in the PotD.

Needless to say, I'm still Tactics Ogre-ing ... I even dream about my fully-equipped team, hacking and slashing their way through to victory ...

Hours later ...

Apparently this original image is too sexy for the
US so those legs are all covered up in the North
American release

And I find myself re-playing (I know...) the Law route because apparently there is this Dark spell to be had in Chapter 4, which I missed last time. Great opportunity to level up my new ninjas -- Folcurt and Jeunan, both are extremely mobile. I really would like to have a rogue class on my team but it just didn't work with Folcurt (hence turning him into a double sword wielding ninja). My white knights will also be levelled up, though am leaving my Divine Knight for now; she is just not very practical (she has a great sprite though).

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