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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Silent Scream

So, I was going down the Palace of the Dead one last time (using up ALL my palace guides), hoping to get three more guides, a dark 2-h sword (which forms the only armor set I don't have) and a couple of heavenly forks (from the two bosses) before finally getting my lightning spear for Ravness. But when I reached Floor 98, which was supposed to lead to Floors 101-115, nothing happened ***screammmm inside head***... it turned out I'd forgotten to check a scene before my descent into Hell (how stupid is THAT?) So I ended up having no palace guides left and just one heavenly fork ... which I can still use to get the lightning spear from a Divine General in San Bronsa ~ but that's it. Finito. I am NOT doing PotD without those guides. It just means I will never have the complete set of armor that slows enemies down, which is going to bug the hell out of (the completion-ist) me! 

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