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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Smaller & Closer World

I've been on Twitter for awhile now. Have to say at the beginning, it was pretty boring/useless ... not that many (interesting) people have signed onto it and I certainly don't have anything interesting to say that warrants a tweet every two mins. Also, its main function was pretty simple (basically you have to be precise with your BS). 

Today though, it's a completely different story. More users have since signed on, including people you'd never have thought existed otherwise or international journalists or celebrities. I've been following the actor Alec Baldwin for awhile and his tweets are actually quite interesting ... he even posted a pic of himself (in bed with gf) on Oscars night, which I thought hilarious. Most of the time though, he also talks about world affairs, even events that have nothing to do with this part of the world. But, can you imagine, this guy is now practically only a tweet away from all his fans/followers and ordinary folks (with a smartphone phone). I've also been following this goofy comic from the States (he did this really funny video of himself cos he looks like Ryan Gosling) and he lately posted a twitter link to a short documentary he made on his sister who suffers from cerebral palsy. It is a very moving and inspiring film.  

I'm also playing words with friends (my opponent is actually some unknown person out there), contributing to the Tactics Ogre game forum (tehe), and running an (international) blog. So, suddenly, the world seems so much smaller and people so much closer. It's hard to imagine where the human race will evolve from here as they become more empowered by information and knowledge. 

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