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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dissidia Duodecim 012 (Revisited)

Okay, have had enough of Dynasty Warriors - Next. The Only good thing about this button smasher is its story ... cos I can learn about the Three Kingdoms period through the gameplay. That's about it. There is little strategy involved, the weapons/items are crap (just half a dozen slots for accessorising?Come On!), the characters are crap ... basically I have no incentive to unlock anything and have not much choice but to keep advancing with the story ... so, after I reached the bit when the Three Kingdoms were formed, I lost interest.

Instead, I downloaded Dissidia 012 (which I played some time ago) and rediscovering it. The strangest thing is ... I have no recollection of how far I got with this game ... all I know is I finished the main story and have unlocked Dissidia 13 (which is the original Dissidia game that I played and enjoyed a couple of years ago) and Scenario 000. I remember I didn't want to play Dissidia 13 all over again but no idea why I didn't start on Scenario 000, which kinda looks exciting (now). Probably cos I got tired just playing through Dissidia 012. There is also a whole "Report" section that I'd left out. 

Anyway, am picking up where I left off ... which feels a bit weird, it's like I picked up someone else's game and that someone else is, in fact, me (a year ago). I was checking all the equipment and item slots and the old me did a pretty decent job in unlocking many useful stuff (but just not enough ... guess I was fed up with the farming ...)

Now I have to relearn all the moves and try to farm as many exclusive weapons and items as possible. I think FFXIII-2 has definitely rekindled my love for this series! (See next post!!!)

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