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Friday, September 14, 2012

Limited Edition of Vita

Having crashed more times than I could tolerate, I'd decided to trade in my old (black) PSP Vita with a special Hatsune Miku (white) special edition. 

Not Girlie but totally Otaku!!!

The thing is, I didn't know how popular this game was (the game itself, Hatsune Miku - Project Diva f, which is a bit like Guitar Hero, I had no interest in ... I only wanted the beautiful console) so I was a little surprised when I found it was all sold out in my area. Had to quickly cab to another side of town to buy the one that I saw last weekend (it turned out that was the last one in the shop).

Phew (since I already traded the old one in ... and I didn't wannabe totally PSP-less)!!!

Anyway, the new machine is now fully charged and am playing Dynasty Warriors Next on it ... NOT my favourite game but I'm done with Tactics Ogre and Disgaea and am still waiting for a new game that might  interest me ...   

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