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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dynasty Warriors Next (Part Two)

In desperation, I've returned to this button-smashing game and, surprisingly (if not strangely), it appears to be less difficult than when I first played it back in April. Perhaps because I'm picking up where I left off, when some my characters have already levelled/ranked up. 

I'm now breezing through the battles. One (stupid) problem I have with the gameplay is that I often get lost on my way to the enemy's base camp (which I most conquer to end the game). I'm sure this is NOT a major issue with most gamers but, unfortunately, I'm not most gamers and I simply don't know why if keep taking the wrong turns on the map. I think the system is a bit counter-intuitive. I've also come to realise the "conversation" that takes place in the background isn't just for sound effect but is actual hint on what I should do next. But how can one concentrate on the action AND listening to instructions simultaneously?

I have now unlocked my characters and might be playing this mindless game for awhile before the next game comes along. I have to say the graphics is stunning and the special moves are all pretty cool. Not quite the same as Final Fantasy but I will just have to settle with this for now.   

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