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Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Old Phone

Well, it hasn't arrived yet but I've bought a second-hand classic Nokia (7280) on ebay over the weekend -- for old time's sake. This is another so-called fashion phone (like the 7200 that I bought several months ago) that chooses design over functionality. They just don't make these beauties anymore. In fact, the phone market has become so monotonous/boring these days it lacks variety -- in looks and functions. The most popular models in this town are the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3/Note2. Occasionally you might see someone using a htc ... but they all look the same: touchscreen/tablet form ... *yawn* 

Nokia, Sony (after parting with Ericsson), Motorola and LG have all but disappeared to the maids market. I still like those pre-Window Nokias ... they are unique-looking even though they do are to make and receive calls (hmm, but that's more or less what I need). Maps are useful, I have to admit esp. when you are lost. The phone I use most is still the Blackberry Bold 9900 but it has a hardware flaw that is driving me insane. Trying to use its map a couple of days ago drove me insane.

Deuce ... she kills with a, er, flute

Anyway, while waiting for my new but obsolete phone to arrive, I am shuttling between three games: Persona 4: the Golden, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. Having put down Persona for awhile, it's great to just grind levels with a different team setup (but other than getting the individual stats up, there really isn't much left to do there); I'm kinda doing the same for Type-0, just doing a bit more grinding before I continue with the game ~ am in Chapter 3 now but since the game is in Japanese, I just feel I am not getting the most out of it. FFF is the latest I bought (so cheap, only about US$7) and it is a card game ... which is one of my favourite genres! However, I think this game is intended to be played WITH Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which I have no intention to start so I may have to give that up soon. So right now, I am back on Type-0 ...

Yoga practice is going well ... and I'm enjoying the benefits, which are not easy to put into words. I am just less frantic/manic and that having a clam(er) mind helps me with decision-making etc. Gonnabe useful for this year... 

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