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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Report 3)

I'm really getting into the game/story now. Yesterday I finished an entire chapter in one sitting. But things are getting quite hairy. And will need to grind a little ... actually, quite a lot since, in the upcoming battle, the dragons defending the enemy camps are quite hard to kill. So will have to start training my top team -- Ace + King + Deuce -- as well as Machina, Rem and Trey ... Luckily I've just unlocked an area where the enemies/ monsters are quite high level so grinding for levels shouldn't be a real issue. I also need to test out Ace's attack more ... I don't think I am using him (and his teleport card) properly. 

This is a pretty challenging game ... not only because it's in Japanese (but that was how I played through FFVII: Crisis Core, which I actually didn't finish) but it does require some strategy thinking ... simply spamming attacks just does NOT work. As mentioned in a previous post, this game is a combination of Crisis Core and The 3rd Birthday ~ but only more fun.

Life on the yoga mat has been pretty quiet (as it should be!) I remember someone telling me that after about three years or so, it takes a long time for the next "breakthrough" ... currently I am still recovering from a tear in the left groin so am taking it easy. Will probably practise a bit more in the running up to the Ashtanga workshop with David Swenson (in April), which I am really looking forward to. 

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