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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hajime Tabata

Without knowing it, I've been playing games created by this same guy from Square Enix: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (my first JRPG experience in Japanese), The 3rd Birthday and, now, Final Fantasy type-0. No wonder I got the hang of type-0 so quickly (and am now addicted to it)... the game mechanism is very similar to 3rd Birthday (especially when I'm using King the shooter). Instead of overdrive, we now have kill sight and just as Aya Brea could dive into different soldiers, I can switch team members ... type-0 is, of course, more fun as this is more than just a shooters game. Each character has a different set of skills etc. 

I began the game with, iirc, Ace, King and Queen (by default). I kept Ace cos he's the protagonist and switched out King and Queen for Machina and Rem (also protagonists), Then I realised I needed a range attacker so started training up King (guns) and Trey (bow). Deuce's magic is just as good as, if not better than, Rem so now I have Ace, King and Deuce in one team, backed by Machina, Rem and Trey as reserves. Perfect!

Think am now half way through Chapter 4 and it's all shooting at the moment (like The 3rd Birthday) ... if only this game is in English or Chinese it'd be more enjoyable ...

PS the Nokia 7280 I bought over ebay has arrived ... WOW, almost new and comes with original box and accessories ... and made in Germany! That was worth waiting for ...

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