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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Report 4)

Am half way through the last "dungeon" (Cid's Trial/Judgement) in final chapter. Once this is done, then I can begin second playthrough, which I'd read is A LOT more fun than first playthru ... so am really looking forward to that. The thing is I think there are better ways to play my characters (so much to explore with Ace, for instance) and I wanna try them out. And I will start doing those requests/special quests and extra missions to get better (much better) items ... Mwahahaha ....

Otherwise known as the Boobie Woman

Baddie or not?

Attended two Hot Yoga classes this week (Ashtanga style) and really enjoyed them. I totally LOVE any session that opens the hips. I can see why people say a lot of emotions are locked up in that area ... it does feel liberating once those hips are "opened and unlocked" ... 

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