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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Wishes


Happy & Healthy Year of the Snake! 

On the first day of a new Lunar Calendar, I've been thinking about, and marveling, the miracle of Life again. Isn't it amazing that human life/civilisation has evolved to/become what it is today? This "miracle" is something that I don't take for granted ~ even though we live it everyday.

Millions of years ago our "ancestors", the dinosaurs,  were practically wiped off by an asteroid (though scientific evidence now suggests their extinction probably started long before that) ... but against all odds, over the past god knows how many year, the homo sapiens has evolved to become, like, us today. And here I am, sitting here blogging using the latest technology, which is the direct result of human intelligence. It's totally fascinating. In fact, we could be alien forms, i.e. not native to this earth, that landed here millions of years ago through some cosmic chance ~ who knows.

The coming year, I shall continue to appreciate this miracle -- and video games, yoga and my other hobbies -- every day.

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