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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Serious Practice

It's known as the Primary Series, which is a fixed set of sequence practised by Ashtanga yogis. Tonight, I attended a full series (hence, 90 mins) class, which is a real challenge for me given some of the poses require a) flexibility in the hips and hamstrings b) strong core/ bandha:

While this lifting body off the ground (and jumping through) looks effortless (video), trust me, it's NOT. It requires a lot of core power!

But the first hurdle of tonight's session was to put aside one's ego especially when I was surrounded by yogis who have already mastered the various skills and techniques in Ashtanga. Normally I would just take my glasses off so I wouldn't be able see what was going on around me and to focus more on the Self. But tonight I had to look at what other people were doing (I am not familiar with the sequence) so it was hard not to compare and get annoyed with Self. 

But despite the difficulties in getting into some of the poses and the frustration, the practice was really worth it cos I felt, physically, great afterwards. And I am going back fore more this weekend ...

48 hours Later ... Body feels "re-born" though triceps a bit sore because of all the up and down dog (and lack of exercise!)... so I'm certainly taking more classes this week

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