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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sony Xperia Z (Part 2)

After several recharging cycles, battery performance appears to have improved a bit, though still not at a satisfactory level. If, say, 10 per cent could last an entire that would be great; at the moment, is around 20 per cent, which is a huge consumption consider I haven't used the phone much than to chat on Line and checking out Instagram/Twitter/Google+ ... I don't even use it to play music, movie or games. So will see if battery life will further improve the coming week (esp I already have the power saving mode on)...

Elsewhere, have had a really enjoyable Hot Yoga class yesterday ... there were a number of hip opening poses -- side angle and half moon -- that were simple but totally effective. I'm looking forward to the Hatha 2 class later this afternoon. I told my instructor that I don't mind doing more hip opening poses today ... it is, apparently, a good way to unleash those locked/pent-up emotions within (!!!)

Game-wise, I'm switching between Persona 4: the Golden (playthrough no. 3) and Final Fantasy Type 0 (playthrough no. 2) because both have very good gameplay mechanics. Type 0 in particular because of all the different cool attack moves! Love playing those. But am also looking to play something new. But Final Fantasy X HD is not expected to be released until later on this year ... what a bummer!

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