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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

After having rediscovered Samsung Nexus S recently (see earlier entry), I've been using the smartphone so much (with Line, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other apps on all the time) that it started to play up/hang. Its battery life is also pretty miserable. So it looked like my usage had quickly surpassed the phone's capability/limit and it was time to upgrade (yeah!) I did think about waiting for the release of Samsung S4 and the Blackberry Q10 but I was also interested in exploring new brands. A friend recently visited Tokyo and said the new Sony Xperia Z is all the rage over there. Having checked the model out on the Net (it comes in Black, White and ... Purple, think Cadbury's, Yummy!) I decided to go for it.

I haven't regretted my purchase ~ so far. Here is my quick review:

* form factor: it is quite rectangular and weighs on/feels very solid in the hand, which I like; and it's Purple!
* It comes with a purple cover ...
* screen colour: it IS Sony so it's absolutely brilliant (quite literary), vibrant and sharp;
* music: supposed to be really good but haven't really tested that out, same goes with camera;
* applications: it syncs with my Nexus S via my Google account ... just how cool is that?! Great multitasking;
* battery life: still testing this. It has a "stamina mode" which boosts power save but am not totally convinced;
* hardware: battery is built in and has more that what I need for internal memory; allows memory card,
* call quality: come on, I'm NOT using this as a phone -- maybe for emergency only;
* text input: its handwritten recognition is great and has voice input, but I still prefer the Blackberry keyboard

So, other than battery life, which I still need to test out with more charge cycles, so far so good!!!

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