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Monday, June 3, 2013


Still recovering from tummy bug; went to my GP this morning and he said I had food poisoning (hmm, still thinking what could it be ... the sushi rolls that I had last week?) ~ just as well I don't have to go into work this morning. I'm hoping to have this sorted pronto cos it's the first day of the three-day workshop with Kathryn Budig, who is also here for the annual Asia Yoga Conference. 


To "prep" for this workshop I went to two classes yesterday morning - hatha and yin yang - led by one of my favourite yoga instructors Anri. What I like about her teaching is that it is very progressive; every class is different and well thought out and they get progressively hard! 

The hatha session was quite challenging as there was a lot of sun salutations (+ reversed pyramid/triangle!) and we worked up a good sweat. That was followed by the yin yang class, which didn't look difficult but moving slowly from one pose to another is really a lot more harder than imagined. The only thing was the music she played was V sleep inducing and it's quite hard to concentrate when your body is tired ... But we did a lot of "body opening" poses, esp for the shoulders and the hips. I can feel the good sore this morning and am ready for the workshop tonight. 

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