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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kathryn Budig (Part 2)

Last night's workshop on getting in touch with the Core was FUN! Exactly as advertised, the class led by Kathryn Budig was creative and playful and we learnt things like "pick up + jump back" (moves that are familiar with Ashtanga practitioners). Woke up this morning feeling great -- though hip areas a bit sore -- which means other than the core muscles, I also worked my hip flexors (and other muscles in that area), which am not sure is good or bad.

My yoga practice always catches me by surprise and I make progress when least expected ... after having this hamstrings injury (on my left side) for close to (I reckon) some nine months, it finally healed and -- all of a sudden my heels can finally touch the floor in my down-dog pose. That is despite I, in general, have practised less (cos of the injury and lack of instructor choice at my yoga studio).

There was supposed to be a Part 3 to this multi- blog entry but have to skip the last of this three-night workshop to attend a work function. Which is a shame cos I much rather be on the mat ...   

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