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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Natural Doctrine (Part Three)

Half the Natural Doctrine crew
Jeff (silly name), Vasilisa, Anca, Zekelinde and Mel
Just gotta show, with a bit (or should that be plenty in this case?) of patience, even the harshest game is enjoyable. Finally finished my first playthrough of Natural Doctrine and I've already jumped right into my second playthrough. It is a surprise hit (for me) because I really hated it at the beginning but I soon realised this is the sort of turn-based, strategy game that I just cannot have enough of! I love it when you really have to think before you make a move (bit like playing chess, really) and the game sure is not a walk in the park. As said before, it is the most unforgiving game I've played but that also makes it one of the best! 

It took me days to figure out how to beat the final boss battle, with full ending. And it really was worth it. Apparently there was a way to snipe the Queen Bug down before her hp reaches, like, 8,000+; so the trick is to kill its first form (only around 1,000 hp), then its second form (around 2,500 hp) and final form (around 5,000 hp) before the spewing bugs begin to spew... once that happens it's guaranteed Game Over ... or at least with part of the team dying. Boy, it took me awhile to work this out since there is NO walkthrough for this game (most gamers give up after the first chapter I think).

Elsewhere, kinda given up on Final Fantasy X-2 (for now, Natural Doctrine is more challenging), have tried Danganronpa 2, which I couldn't get into... the gameplay (and the whole murdering your classmates to survive) is too weird for me; Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment I find a bit childish; and Legend of Heroes VII I bought only cos I made the wrong order but I'm looking forward to the local release of Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Flash, which looks kinda fun (Persona meets Natural Doctrine lol) OH, and am playing, on and off, Final Fantasy IV (the complete collection) ... think this one I will get back into eventually (the soundtrack is beautiful) ...

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