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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Just One Game to Take with Me...

So, am off to Bali tomorrow and which game should I take with me?

I 99%-ed Final Fantasy X-2 last night (I mean, just how very annoying is that? Which was the 1% that I missed and, ultimately, costed me the Perfect Ending?) Anyway, I was going to take this one with me (esp the Vita shares the same charging lead as my Xperia Z5 compact), together with a guide, but the game is just too fiddly ... and for some reason am getting my a*** kicked in beginning of second playthrough even though I have top gear and accessories ... what's going on (perhaps cos we start from Level 1 again...) 

Happy Ending ... 

Just how annoying is that?

So I'm settling for Steins;Gate because it is lighter and I'm gradually being drawn into this very slow/ sluggish yet gripping narrative. 

Though I may change my mind ...   

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