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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Animal Communicator

SO, Rosina, the animal communciator, came to deal with poo-eating Bolt today. I kinda got more than what I'd bargained for. 

Rosina arrives and quickly identifies Bolt as the problematic one. "He knows he is the naughty boy," Rosina says, "is he the one in trouble? He thinks he is in big trouble, but he is not upset," she translates his barking. She explains that he is a "very hungry boy" and that's probably because when he was a puppy, he was starved so he would look small and cute. Poor Bolt!

Apparently, Bolts fears he will get sent away again. He thinks Rosina is here to take him away. Batman feels the same. He is very sensitive, very scared. While Ding Ding is a "gentle soul" but has problems with Bolt. He feels a bit left out, maybe because he has not been enough attention from us. Oh no!

Batman also had a terrible puppyhood ... Rosina says she can hear a lot of "screaming" inside his head "I am having problem reading him". :o0  Batman apparently is full of feminine energy and should have been a girl (should we re-christened her BatGirl?) ... s/he ie very nervous and we should be careful with him/her during thunderstorms. Poor Batman ...

Anyway, we are advised to treat Batman like a little girl because, err, that is what he is! If he is confused about his sexuality, so are we now!  But he/she is a cool kinda chick and likes car rides (!!!) Anyway, he is also a very dog ... Rosina reassures the pair that they wouldn't get abandoned again and promised Bolt that if he stops eating his poo, we'd feed him with chicken snacks (his favourite - so we are told). She says Bolt is very strong -- an Alpha Dog. He knows why she is here.  He tries to become "the boss" around and we should not let boss Ding Ding around. "Bolt is the Attention Seeker, Schemer and People Pleaser" says Rosina.

Hold on to that pal, cos Bolt will sneaky up behind you and snatch it

Rosina says Ding Ding has not been his older self, he is no longer energetic and he is jealous of Bolt, who IS enegetic. We have been advised that he should have his own things.

But here comes the most spooky part of the consultation: about 30 minutes in, Rosina stares at Ding Ding who is resting in his "room" (a large cage he's been sleeping in since a puppy) and says after a pause: "Was there another dog? Did it die?" Tears swell in my eyes. How did she know? She then says Dong Dong (the other dog who did die, a year ago) is "still in this flat", not so much her "spirit" but memories of her ... so towards the end of the session, Rosina "takes" me and Ding Ding to meet with Dong Dong, who is now residing happily on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Weird, huh?

In memory of our sweet, sweet darling Dong Dong

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