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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something/Someone Missing

Suddenly I have the song Missing playing in my head. So having rummaged through some old boxes I've found this:

Well, I don't have the CD case anymore but had taken the disc out. Everything But the Girl (EBTG) has been my favourite "band" (well, there are only the two of them, Ben & Tracey) since they did the cover for Rod Stewart's I Don't Wanna Talk About It. Tracey's velvety voice is hypnotic... smooth and silky and soulful. So I first bought Idlewild, then worked backwards in their collection - Eden, Love Not Money, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - before getting every single studio release over the next god knows how many years. The latest being Thorn's solo album Out of the Woods. Today though, I want to listen to Missing (Track Six) because, well, I'm missing the people I love. The song is particularly sad, about a girl looking for a former boyfriend who has "disappeared somewhere". And when she walks pass his old place, all there is left are their memories.

And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain ...

Perhaps I'm just bored. Downloaded some stuff off BT (I know, bad boy, bad boy) last week and saw the bumper NY edition of Dr Who. The story was a bit confusing but just wanted to watch something British (and am sci-fi/tech geek ... ordered Nexus One already ... yeah!!) There were lots of cameos towards the end of the show but who ARE these people?

Anyway, off to yoga tomorrow. Am getting a little obsessed with "alignment" lately. CanNOT believe I can't even "do" the basic Warrior 1 and 2 poses without looking deformed ... my hips are literally all over the place. I saw on one YouTube clip in which the instructor says, in Warrior 1, your hips should be like two headlights pointing to the front. Now, no matter how I ADJUST my hips, one headlight is always pointing sideway!!! Anyway, will continue to practise and practise and practise until, well, miracle strikes.

There are miracles, right?

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