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Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Question - One of Etiquette

Last night I was at this Core Class (confession: I have masochistic tendency) and on the mat next to me was this middle age bloke (maybe a bit older than me, judging by his bald patch) who looked pretty keen to get started. Good on him. I think yoga is for all, and anyone/everyone can benefit from practising. Well, until I started to smell ... his feet. Oh yes. Stinky feet. To spare everyone the details, these are feet that had he washed them before hand, they would STILL smell ... (oh God, don't ask why) ... Anyway, I was already going "fuck, fuck, fuck" in my head while trying to stay calm and spiritual (and holding my breath, which kinda defeated the ENTIRE purpose of practising yoga) ... but WHAT could one do/have done? And to make things worse - A LOT WORSE - was that our instructor (the perfect human specimen), of all weeks, decided to have lots and lots of partner work yesterday ... SO, needless to say, Smelly Feet was my one and only partner for this class. Again, what could I have done? Tell him to bugger off? That is not nice. But so was partnering up with him. Anyway, as diplomatic as I could be, I told him to PLEASE stay on his own mat but he did eventually make his way to mine because ... welll, we had to partner up, right? Then there was this pose (really, I wish Perfect Human Specimen knew about my predicament) where I had to move over to Smelly Feet's mat and to MY UTTER HORROR AND DISBELIEF, he (his feet) was/were, like a snake during the winter months, PEELING. Yes, so there were *scream* bits of dead skins all over his mat and I was, like, OMG, OMG, EWWW ... I later also noticed he scratched himself A LOT.

If I catch ANYTHING from this guy I am gonna sue the yoga studio!

Anyway, I eventually survived the class, which concluded with the "Happy Baby" pose. Let me tell ya, I was one Pissed-off Baby by then and never before had I showered so hard and long after a yoga class.

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