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Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Question:

"Does it really matter?" Yesterday I stumbled across a blog thread that trashed a theatre review I wrote some years ago. He said my review lacked research, was contradictory and poorly written, apparently. Yeah, it was not the best review I'd filed but this wanky blogger, a certain Fernand* Gr*s, actually wrote to the publication that carreid the piece and complained (more to elevate his own self importance I feel). I remember this complaint and it bugged the hell out of me, even for a few seconds, not least, in the thread, he went on to suggest (what an ass) that his complaint had led to the downfall of the publication's editor some weeks later. Gee, get a life. First, he has no understanding of how newspapers work and of the editing process and, second, like many arrogant twits, he probably (just probably) thinks how dare an Asian person criticise English theatre?

Then I thought, does it really matter? (Have to admit this STILL bugs me after all this time... cos it is on bloody Google!)

Rewind a few days and I was in this yoga class. It was almost over - we were taking the savasana (resting) pose - and because I had to dash off to (wait for this) a theatre review, I got up and tiptoe-ed to the door. The instructor was standing by it and I thought he would just let me sneak out quietly. NO-O, Sir. He actually stood there looking ... fierce. I was, like, please get out of my way/face and he was, like, what the hell do you think you are doing ... then he whispered: DO NOT LEAVE EARLY IN THE FUTURE!! Gee, what is this? Military camp? Couldn't believe I got told off a yoga instructor! Then I thought, does it really matter?

Sorry for breathing ...

The thing is, life doesn't always go the way we want or expect and there will always be bumps along the way and, my belief is, I will keep doing what I do and as long as no one dies as a result, it's O.K. Besides, it's a free world so there will bound to be conflicts/wankers/stern yoga instructors etc. out there.  

Anyway, onto something completely different: the game I ordered - Yu Gi Oh Ultimate Masters - had finally arrived and, boy, is it a great game worth waiting for or what? Ultimate Masters is purely for trading card game geeks (like me ... I also played the fantastic Marvel Trading Card Game) because it offers no tutorials or explanations as to how to play it. You just get into it straightaway. Since I've spent about five years playing the earlier Yu Gi Oh Eternal Duelist Soul, this edition is not going to be a problem and will certainly keep me entertained for another five years ... yah, crazy!!!

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