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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Muddle

Not so fast! Yes, I'm referring to the (short-lived) euphoria over my latest phone purchase via ebay ... so it did arrive shortly after I uploaded my last posting and when the postman pressed the door bell I was already bouncing up and down like an eletcric Easter Bunny. Then came the most exciting part of receiving a new phone: the unboxing ... As I cut open the packaging I saw the box ... which is NOT the original box for the phone. Heart skipped a beat ... did they send me the wrong model? Then opened it and was relieved to see it is the phone I'd ordered. It took me a few minutes to open the battery door and when it finally did, my heart SANK ... "Made in China" ... HAR?!?!? How can it be? The phone I ordered is a Made in Japan Sharp!!! Then once the phone was up and running, it hanged several times so it was one disappointment after another. As the result, I decided to leave a Negative Feedback and ... impulsively bought another one - same model but definitely Made in Japan - from another ebay seller ... now I am worried the phone is NOT unlocked ... Bwah. Anyway, last night I got an email from the first seller, who appeared really upset by my negative feedback and said I could send the phone back and trade for another one!!!

Which is cool. So I asked for an unlocked Sidekick ID, which is an older model but one that I'd always wanted. The new LX is also on its way so ... now I have enough phones to open a shop.

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