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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Good Old Sidekick

One of my all-time favourite phone models that is not available locally... one of the kind and Made in Japan!!! Just ordered one online (Danger is apparently stopping, or has stopped, production of the Sidekick line) for my collection ... a lot cheaper than when it first came out and it is now unlocked. The Sidekick LX (2007) looks a lot better than the SK3 that I used to have, though, like the SK3, I can only use it to make and receive calls/sms ... but I have other phones that can do other amazing things ... it should arrive any minute now!!!

Other phones I have: Blackberry Bold, Nexus (Google Phone), Nokia 5800, Sharp/ Docomo SH906i and the old Samsung E600C. The Bold is for work, super functional but boring. Nokia 5800 is by far the best phone despite crap camera ... it has touch screen and its text input methods (English, Chinese and Japanese)are unbeatable. It also has a voice dictionary that comes in handy (I think it is programmed in such a way that only the male voice will come on when you type in the word "fuck" ... I know, very juvenile...) The Japanese Docomo phone is just ... pretty especially when the multi-colour notification lights come up. The Samsung is just a piece of antique that reminds me I used to own LOTS of Samsung phones when I was really into Korean movies and TV dramas ...

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