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Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Grinding (7)

Have come down with a cold so am staying off the mat for a week; rather not pass germs onto others. So, have been auto-grinding Tactics Ogre all weekend (think PSP is on the verge of exploding). Vyce is now at Level 40+, finally catching up with the rest of the team (@ Level 46). Have also successfully "scavenged" skills from one of the generics (archer) for Vyce so at least I won't need to grind on levelling up his bow skill on top of everything else (he is now equipped with the almighty Ji'ygla Set, one-shot-ing everything). So gimme a couple more hours and I should be able to take on the Dark Knights (Vyce will have almost max-ed out his bow skill by then). The final episode of Coda is titled "The Magnificent Twelve", a reference to the 12 characters I'll be taking to the final series of battle. Here is my latest lineup: Denam (Ninja), Catiua (Princess), Vyce (Ranger), Azelstan (Buccaneer), Canopus (Vartan), Arycelle (Archer), Mirdyn (Rune Fencer), Warren (Astromancer), Lansolet (Paladin), Sherri (Shaman), Deneb (Wicce) and Rudlum (Warlock).  

One of the most appealing/addictive aspects of this game for me is to work on building a strong team. Am loving the range attackers (Vyce and Azelstan) right now. Despite what  various strategy guides say, I find the Ninja class quite boring (even with the ninjutsu and double attacks skills). So, will have to turn Denam into a Lord when I World back/return to the Law Route. I'd like to include a Knight Commander  on my team is well (Ozma is the only Dark Knight that broke ranks with the rest and can be recruited/unlocked) ... which I should do on the Law Route (after I'd done Episode 4). So, can't wait to put my latest team to the test. Will try to figure out how to further tougher up my magic casters before entering the final battles with the Dark Knights.

PS Okay, I think I finally figured out this "Anchor points" business in this game - and how to proceed post-Episode 4. I will have the final file save (of the entire game, on Chaos Route) resting in the last anchor of the timeline in Warren Report. That is the ultimate anchor point that will not be rewritten (and there will be no need to do so). Simultaneously, I will have another "active" file save (of the Law Route), which I will be on after I World/time travel back to 1) recruit Ozma, 2) change Denam into a Lord, 3) kill Nybeth and 4) kill Blackmore. The beauty of this game mechanism is that, somehow, it makes a connection between my active save file and final save file! So after I've done what I need to do on Law Route, I will be able to move back to the final file save with all the necessary items I gained ~ such as the Crest of Fire and Ogre Set ~ before taking on the final (and the most challenging) side quest: the Floating Ruins in San Bronsa Ruins.

So I think I've cracked it ... and I "only" have TWO more Palace of the Dead visits (one to kill Nybeth and one to kill Blackmore) to look forward to ... *gulp*

PPS these TO: LUCT entries are getting more and more hits by the day so I think other players are checking this blog out for tips... 

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