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Friday, December 23, 2011

PSP Vita

After my incessant nagging, a friend got me into the preview/launch of the new Sony PlayStation Portable, "Vita", yesterday and after giving it a quick test I couldn't put it down! It is the latest version of the PSP which, among other super duper new features, boosts of a larger (touch) screen. The resolution/colour/graphics are simply stunning. The only down side -- and I'm really nitpicking here -- is the weight. I've no idea how much it weighs but it does feel quite heavy in the hand, definitely heavier than the PSP I have now. It will have 3G/WiFi connection (for social media/networking) but since I already have so many phones, it's not deal breaking for me. So despite the hype etc, I'm in no big hurry to upgrade my machine - yet.


Have just booked my Christmas Day yoga class ... it's for inversion and since the Perfect Human Specimen had left the studio some months ago, I haven't been training my "core" (it's hard to say exactly what the "core" is but we all need it to stand/sit up straight, esp when you are, like, upside down). Core exercises are very challenging not least because the practice can actually be quite painful (sometimes the (good) pain can last for a few days). But that is how you "wake" the core up and gain core awareness. It's both a physical and mental process. While I can do the tripod headstand in the middle of the room, I need the wall to practice the classical headstand and handstand for both physical and psychological support -- the fear of flipping over onto my back/collapsing is just too great.

Over in Tactics Ogre land (am now almost 600 hours into the game), I've been "World-ing" around treasure hunting and levelling up more characters (uniques and generics). The Palace of the Dead is now permanently unlocked for floor-skipping at the beginning of Coda Episode Two (though I doubt I will ever return to that after, like, 6-7 visits); I have got two more exclusive items -- the missable Demonpetal scroll and a Dark Knight weapon (the hammer) -- in my last run of the Hanging Gardens; the Liches (Rudlum and a generic that aptly named Fredrick) are as good as what the strategy guide/forum say they are!! Over the holiday I will level them up some more (maybe get the Rose Whip) before heading up to the San Bronsa Ruins and, finally, re-doing Coda Episodes 3 and 4 -- to get the rest of the Dark Knights' weapons. Will think of something else to do after that -- if I am still into the game by then. 

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