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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Reboot

So, the Nokia N900 turns out to be a parallel imported phone (i.e. no warranty), the shop told me it wasn't when I bought it... how did I know? Well, after I bought the smartphone, I decided to download this software that enables Chinese character input. However, it didn't work. Alarm bells started to go off by -- cos the software only works for the "official version" of the phone. Anyway, after a few more attempts, decided to just re-install everything ... only after that, the English Language pack just vanished, leaving me with a phone that speaks, err, Dutch, with neither English nor Chinese input  (!!) Did some research over the Internet and the best way to handle the situation, it appeared, was to Flash the phone. Now, phone flashing is a Serious business ... i.e. one mistake and your phone transforms into a brick/paper weight. So, I did more research and downloaded the flasher ... just as well THAT didn't work cos I just felt not so comfortable about phone flashing ... esp having read on various forums that the said flasher actually didn't really work ...

To cut a long story short, I decided to re-install the Chinese input software that, at least, turns the phone interface back to Chinese (though still cannot do character input) and, miraculously, that switches language input back to English ... so, I went from, in just a couple of days, having a phone with Chinese/English interface + English input to one that only has Chinese interface + English input. I'll settle for that. At least I can USE the phone ... and I don't really mind, the phone WAS half the original price!

Tactics Ogre update: Well, I got 99 per cent of the gears that I wanted but I somehow missed the route to the Blackmore battle in the Palace of the Dead (bwah!!) So I've decided to go back to the floor where I can turn Rudlum the Warlock into a Lich (dark mage). THEN I will head back to Level 75 and work my way to Level 100 for the Crest of Fire ... Oh well, that's fine cos I really don't want this game to end, esp now my Azelstan is a kick ass Buccaneer ;o)

24 hours later: Rudlum is now a Lich (!!) and I've beaten Blackmore, twice ... what a horrible battle when there appears to be an endless supply of enemies but the drops are AMAZING. Got my Crest of Fire (finally) but am now obsessing about the Ogre Set (this game keeps getting me obsessed about one thing or another ... I still need to get the Rose Whip for Ozma for instance, oh, and the Abyss II spell for Warren and all the special weapons available in the final battle with the Dark Knights, which I have yet to replay... bwah!) Anyway, now I need the Ogre Blade and Ogre Amour to complete my set. So what's next? Complete the Ogre set? Train up my lower level units? The San Bronsa Ruins?

Some (more) hours later: Done! Have the Ogre Set! Feeling very satisfied ... and relieved. I don't think I wanna go back to the Palace of the Dead EVER again ... enough ... really ...Think will now relax and do some team building. Time to take Rudlum, Gildas, Hobyrim and possibly Folcurt to the Golborza Plain for levelling up. Then San Bronsa Ruins...

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