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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tips on Seated Forward Bend

Here is a pose that always gets me grunting (in pain and frustration)! 

Just stumbled across this blog (Sensational Yoga Poses):, which has some pretty cool tips for people with tight hamstrings ~ ME!!! My hamstrings (and probably hips) are so tight when I widen my legs when seated, my feet totally go outside of the mat (while rest of the class have their feet on their mat). I mean, look at the photo above; this guy's legs spread out pretty wide to allow his torso to lower. My legs are much closer to the centre (cannot even open @ a 90-degree angle), thus blocking my way to bend forward, i.e. pelvis not able to tilt forward. ALSO because I have a slight rounding in my lower back, I'm like a shrimp in this pose. However, if I bend my legs, then I am able to move forward slightly more. 

Picking up my PSP early this evening. This sounds TOTALLY weird but I actually dreamt playing Tactics Ogre the past two nights.

Time. For. A. Psychiatrist. 

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