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Friday, May 25, 2012

Deep Breathing

Sometimes, when Life takes an unexpected swerve, you are left wondering whether you could handle it in a calm, rational manner anymore. Last night I managed to work myself into such a (terrifying) state over some major changes in work that left me paralysed (emotionally/intellectually). There was this huge fear/sense of failure and helplessness that swept over me, even though much of which was just perceived and imagined. But  the fact that all this could turn into reality is absolutely frightening. Now I know how people in desperate situations must feel. But how to combat that? Is there a way to fight this (esp I'm currently in such a negative state of mind that I find my jaws constantly locked?)

I've been thinking how maybe my yoga practice can come into this. Other than practising asanas, yoga is also about reflection and acceptance. Maybe I should come up with a mantra that helps to calm the mind and nerves. Then breathe, breathe and breathe ... Also, at the end of the day, there is always a way out so why not just experience those sensations (unpleasant they may be) and see if they could be turned into positive energy?

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