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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Touch of Sadness

Siu Pak Pak

Strays are supposed to be tough, right? So it came as a surprise that Siu Pak Pak, our block's feline mascot, is very sick. He's lost so much weight the past couple of months I don't think he will survive this Summer. Which is kinda sad. Of all the strays (and there are many around where we live, some are real pests) why has it got to be the one we really like that gets struck down by serious illness? So unfair...

PS Just found out that he has feline aids ... *sob*


  1. Oh no... I thought you told me he was getting better? Is that a recent photo or...?

    1. Unfortunately the illness has struck again and he wasn't looking good the last time I saw him. So unfair, really!!!