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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Delayed Entry

Just now I saw a very frail old man being lifted into a van, with tubes sticking into his nostrils ... life is all so fragile. What is the meaning of it all before we disappear from this world forever???

The Asia Yoga Conference came and went and I took four anatomy classes with Roger Cole, a yoga instructor/scientist from San Diego in the US. The class on yoga injuries was particularly interesting because, as I said in my previous posts, it's very easy to hurt yourself in yoga if you don't practise mindfully and carefully. I know. I have pulled my hamstrings quite a few times before! Cole identifies several areas where injuries are most likely to take place -- neck, lower back, knees, shoulders and, yes, hamstrings -- and we practised a few asanas to suss out our alignment ... which was very enlightening. Now I know my warrior 2 pose is not incorrect: to keep the knee straight and upright, the hips will naturally turn and will not be squared. And I'd always thought I had to square my hips (!!!) Cole also did a demo that shows how to relieve sacroiliac joints pain (left) ... apparently don't try that if you don't have any sacroiliac joint problems because it might have the reverse effect!

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