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Saturday, May 5, 2012

La Vita Loca

Those following this blog -- me -- would have noticed that I've tweeting about my PSP Vita lately. Though I actually bought the latest handheld console awhile ago, it wasn't until this weekend when I realised I could migrate games from my old PSP to Vita. Yes, I can now play Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (or The 3rd Birthday) on a bigger screen!!! You can imagine the excitement that shot through my entire system. However, for some reason, the file transfer process is a bit user-unfriendly and I reckon you probably need a PhD (which I don't have) to understand how to move files around using its "Content Manger Assistant". Don't be fooled by the name, it does NOT assist in any way, at all. 

You see, the (flash) memory card for the Vita is apparently so new that there is no card reader for it; meaning, you cannot just cut and paste files onto the memory card. Instead, you need to link the console up with the PC via a USB, using CMA,  in order to move files around between computer and Vita. Great. NOT. To make matter worse, the memory card that came with the machine is only 4GB and I have so many games I need a 16GB card (which costs a bomb, btw ... don't even think about getting the 32GB). So, in order to move games from old PSP to Vita, I had to go through this rather elaborate process of:

1) buying a 16GB card (dent in the wallet);
2) downloading all the SAVEDATA files from old PSP onto computer;
3) downloading GAME files from the 4GB memory card (in Vita) onto computer using CMA;
4) copying/transferring SAVEDATA files AND GAME files (now all in my computer) onto 16GB (in Vita) card using CMA;
5) re-downloading Vita-compatible PSP games that I bought via PSN onto the Vita.

Steps 3 and 4 were rather tricky because CMA is so user-unfriendly it took me awhile to figure out how to use it ... even after I successfully made all the file transfers, I still didn't quite understand how it works, cos I managed to accidentally DELETE a whole lot of game files on the Vita and I had to REPEAT steps 4 and 5 ... It was crazy.

Anyway, ALL is fine now and the only consolation is that it was WORTH all the trouble. The 3rd Birthday (Aya Brea) simply looks STUNNING on the Vita screen. Think will replay it ...very soon.

Meanwhile, I did manage to squeeze in another yoga (teaching) class today amid all this file transferring, and it was great. I've decided to go down the Yin Yang than just Yin path. I think it's good to inject a bit of energy into these sessions.

OMG! I'm seeing double!!!

And finally, Animal is here ... as Hysterical (and Pink) as ever ... 



  1. Animal biting own hand? Why?! Need to control! :O

    1. Hi YTSL! Hand-biting Animal is looking forward to meeting his new owner ...

  2. Eeeeeeee... out of control!!!

    I better find a bunny rabbit to calm Animal down with... ;b