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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Hip Opening Practice

Despite -- and because -- I've been practising yoga for five years, I attended a beginners' class today so I could: 1) remind myself of the basics and 2) get some tips on teaching. While I was sharing my practice with some friends yesterday, I noticed how poses that I thought were simple and straightforward could, in fact, be quite challenging for beginners. That's the thing, after I've been practising for awhile, I begin to go auto pilot and forget that my body today is very different from that, say, five years ago. I think to be a good teacher, one has to approach the practice from the beginner's pov, or else s/he won't be able to relate to their students.In fact, after the workshop I realised how long the yoga journey is ... there are poses that I thought I had mastered but I hadn't ... my hips can still open up a lot more ... am now wondering whether I should take another Ashtanga intensive...

Separately, am back Tactics Ogre-ing ... I'm just very curious as to what the Neutral route is like (I've done the Chaos and, especially, Law routes many times) and have started a new game. If I play Neutral in my old file, I will lose Arycelle (my fav archer) because of Loyalty issues. Anyway, starting from scratch has been both interesting and frustrating. Interesting because I now know the system inside out and that, all in all, enriches the gaming experience. Frustrating because everything is back at Level 1 and gameplay is kinda dull without all the super duper weapons that I can OHKO enemies with. The rescue missions are by far the toughest and call for some strategic planning; all that goes out of the window once you are over-powered of course. Some gamers have criticised the game's AI but I think it's not bad.

I'm enjoying the latest one and am debating whether I should play beyond Chapter 3 (when the Neutral route ends) ... but I really cannot BEAR going down Palace of the Dead again, or farming for Wicce Deneb; those almost killed me in my last playthru! 

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