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Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Thoughts on Yin Yoga

I love sharing this practice with friends though I can never explain exactly what Yin Yoga is (I don't think it Has an "official" definition). To me, it's a very calm and static form of yoga practice. You stay in a pose for five to ten minutes in order to "go deep" into the body, whether it's a deep stretch or twist or bend. The interesting part is to seek relaxation and calmness amid intensity. There are times when we find it hard to hold still or stay balanced; when there is much traffic going through the mind and too many physical sensations shooting through the body. On days when I'm "thinking too much", I just keep, literally, falling out of even simple poses like the tree pose. Yin Yoga can slow the mind and body down, offering peace in our lives, albeit even for just 60 to 90 mins.

I'm now planning my new sharing sessions. I think I will start with the traditional format first: deep breathing before going through some of the basic Yin poses. However, I think after a few weeks, I'll start to introduce a little bit more movement, or flow, into the practice because, after all, yoga is all about being balanced and it'll be interesting to see how a mix of Yin and Yang yoga can help both calm the mind while staying active and interested.  

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