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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Sprained Ankle

Ooooooouch! $%^$^$#^@$!

That was what went through my head when I mis-stepped and sprained my ankle on my way down to the underground yesterday afternoon. It was really quite painful (and no, I am not about to say how that happened but my PSP really has more than a pinched nerve to answer for!) but I had to catch the Dame Edna concert (she was Divine) so I limped all my way to the venue. I, of course, sprained my (left and right) ankle many times before, sometimes under dubious circumstances, e.g. after buying a large bottle of beer but before actually consuming the content, or after falling off a bike but before rolling down the hill ... 

The second thing that went though my mind after the sprain was that I had to cancel today's yoga class ~ which is a REAL bummer. 

Anyway, by the time I got home last night, it was interesting to observe that the bruise and swelling started on the outer edge of the foot before the pain worked its way across, inward. By this morning, it has shifted to the centre of my ankle. Now, some 20 hours after the incident, the pain concentrates around the medial ligament section while the swelling on the outer foot has already gone down (what would we do without Advil?) Apparently, one effective treatment for swelling in the foot is to keep the foot elevated ... well, here is when years of yoga practice comes in handle, because, my foot is actually rested on my desk as I type, just realised how flexible I've become! :o0  

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