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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dynasty Warriors -- Next

Okay, am picking up this game again since I couldn't really get into Gravity Rush (all the flying around just makes me feel very dizzy). Did some (serious) hacking and slashing and have, so far, completed the first chapter and now need to study its 51-page menu before progressing. I can see this being an interesting and addictive game. The only problem is, as I mentioned before in another blog entry, the controls are extremely tricky and hard to master.

Dynasty Warriors -- Next (well, the entire DW franchise) is based on the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and, in the main game mode, I become one of the three protagonists -- Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei -- (or any of the 60+ unlockable characters later, I guess) and  hack and slash my way to, I dunno, a new dynasty or something. The gameplay is a bit like Final Fantasy Dissidia, and the fact I can keep upgrading my characters' skills and weapons reminds me of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (yeah!!). But there is simply too much going on on the battlefield the whole experience kinda get overwhelming. While I'm out attacking the enemies (which is basically mindless button-smashing), I also have to keep an eye on my own base camp (somewhere else) so to keep it from being invaded (still have no idea how I should go about doing that). And there are all these messages flashing across the screen all the time that completely freaks me out. The voice acting (in English) is pretty bad too. 

Anyway, will keep playing it and see if I can finally put away Tactics Ogre (after close to 900 hours of gameplay)...  

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